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What's New and Noteworthy in The Current Version

Version 2.22 is a maintenance and bugfix release.

  • Resource Tuner is Windows 11 Ready. Fixed issues with the thumbnail preview feature.
  • Bugfix: Fixed a menu resource property access error.
  • Bugfix: Fixed minor syntax errors in saved *.rc files.
  • Fixed minor memory leaks.
  • Other minor improvements.

Version 2 is all new and overhauled.

See the full list of changes

Resource Editor now:

  • Supports the 64-bit PE files.
  • Supports the compiled resource (.res) files.
  • Supports adding the resource items.
  • Supports the Unicode characters.
  • Supports replacing Icon and Cursor Groups in one click.
  • Saves files as 32- and 64-bit resource DLLs.
  • Filters the Resource Treeview contents.
  • Changes the language (LangID) of the resources.
  • Added the File Scanner module.

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Previous News:

Version 1.99

+ Now Resource Tuner is Vista Ready. Fixed issues with the Vista Thumbnail Preview and Flip 3D features.
+ Now supports replacing large (256x256) Vista icons stored in .ICO format with icons from a PNG file.
+ Improved Manifest Wizard now supports marking a Pre-Vista application with a requested execution level.

Manifest Wizard

UPX Unpacker plug-in:

* Now supports unpacking of files packed with many UPX scramblers such as Advanced UPX Scrambler, UPoLyX, UPX Lock, and more.

See The Version History

What's new in Version 1.97

+ Now supports viewing and replacing large (256x256) Vista icons stored as PNGs.

View and replace Vista icons

UPX Unpacker plug-in:

* Now supports unpacking of programs packed with the obsolete early versions of UPX (prior to 0.80).
* Now attempts to recover a file, even when an original PE file header entry is no longer available after unpacking.

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