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Resource Tuner: User Testimonials

The following comments by Resource Tuner users have all been quoted with their permission.

Resource Tuner is the best resource viewer that has ever existed! As a Windows software skinning and customization artist, i can edit all theme/skin binaries without any trouble. Yes, there's a freeware with nearly same function, but i must confess i much prefer this stuff! Thanx!

Amirz Hendrix

From the minute I loaded it on to my machine I was able to change all the info I wanted... no hours of reading manuals or help menus, just a little input and a click of the Apply button... I will most definitely recommend your software to friends and colleagues.

Pat Stradeski,
Stonegate Multimedia

I purchased the software as I was happy with the price offered, and could see that I could edit .exe files easily. I’m working on a small hobby project related to programming software for high frequency radios (HF). I probably could have completed the task at hand within the timeframe of the evaluation period. However I feel this is not exactly an honest way of using downloaded software. If everyone did this then software designers would never survive or see a return in their investment. I’m probably a bit old fashioned in this respect but don’t plan on changing.

Phillip Simpson

I could possibly find freeware to do this task, but I wouldn't in general trust freeware for business purposes.

Howard A Moon
Antares Audio Technologies

The free products that I tried would not open the resources I was interested in. Plus, the UI is super easy to use. No muss, no fuss, no vis studio to crash my box. Keep up the good work.

Mark Merchant

I tried using mt.exe [from MS Visual Studio] to manifest my files. It worked on some but not on others. It seems your method of parsing the .EXE is more robust than the one that mt.exe uses.

Brad Siegfried,
BLS, Inc.

Great flexibility in handling various types of binaries, Windows resource editing capabilities (DFM-Files!)

F.M. Rotzler

The reason I chose Resource Tuner was simply that it works — I had previously been using Borland's Resource Workshop for my work, which is (non-commercial) localization, but I had been having difficulty using it with Far Eastern locales. The evaluation version of Resource Tuner, on the other hand, worked perfectly, and I was startled at how cheap it was to register (I would normally expect to pay at least twice as much for a program of this quality).

Peter Jolly

I found Resource Tuner on Download.com and it was the only software like it I've tried. It was so easy to use that I decided to go for it: the easy and intuitive UI that allows for editing .dll files.

Noel Morrison
CNET Networks

I searched google.com for a Resource Viewer and you were right in the top of the list. I played with your trial version for only a few minutes and I was hooked! It's even more than I was looking for and I'm happy to add it to my arsenal of tools. I hope you keep on doing active development for the tool!

Aaron Ford

My company develops games using Macromedia Director. If you've never tried to publish a professional looking executable with Director then you haven't experienced true pain. <smile> Quick and easy access to all the resources which are normally inaccessible really allows us to make a more complete app.

Rett Crocker
Adveractive, Inc.

I registered the program because I saw great potential for using it to edit the GUI of programs I have on my system. What really made me like it was when I was able to remove the ads from ICQ by editing the icqcore.dll file. I also see potential for editing system bootscreens and other things. This was the only program that offered the ease of use and functionality I needed.

Michael Wright

I'm using your product to edit Macromedia Directors .skl file changing out the icons with those used in an interactive CD we are developing for an Independent School District. I choose your program because upon evaluation it performs exactly as I needed with no effort.



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